Importing Geodata

There's a world of geodata out there, and you can use it in TNTmips when you import it to the Project File (.RVC) format. You can import raster, vector, CAD, TIN, and database files, complete with attached geoattributes, and the import process verifies data integrity. You can even create dynamic links to some popular formats rather than do a full import.

navigate.jpg14 CAD formats

navigate.jpg90 raster formats

navigate.jpggeneric / custom formats

navigate.jpgODBC support

navigate.jpgarea selection clipping

navigate.jpgdynamic link options

navigate.jpg27 vector formats

navigate.jpg9 database formats

navigate.jpgnew formats with each release

navigate.jpgvector topology verified

navigate.jpgautomatic multiple batches

navigate.jpgall geoattributes included

View this Getting Started booklet: import.pdf Importing Geodata (file date: )