Making Image Maps

Image maps have an orthophoto or satellite image as the main map base. An image map generally also has a number of other layers, such as roads, hydrology, contours, and other features. Standard map components, such as scale bars, legends, and map grids, are also part of an image map. An image map may also include image chips for a classic keys and signatures approach to interpretation of the image in the map. TNTmips provides all the tools to import or create the objects you want and assemble them in a layout to be used for printing and/or distribution as an electronic atlas and/or simulation.

navigate.jpgthe image

navigate.jpgDEMs and Color Shaded Relief

navigate.jpgmosaicking images and DEMs

navigate.jpgTIGER/line data

navigate.jpgvisibility & hidden layers

navigate.jpglocal high points

navigate.jpgmap insets

navigate.jpgimage chips

navigate.jpglegends and layouts

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