Editing Vector Geodata

Vector geodata contains point, line, and polygon elements with associated attributes and carefully defined spatial relationships, or "topology" (including adjacency, intersection, island, and inside/outside). You may have vector geodata containing river networks, city infrastructure, property ownership, and land classification. The geospatial editor gives you easy-to- use tools for creating and updating vector elements and their attributes.

navigate.jpghandy tool palette

navigate.jpgautomatic topology

navigate.jpglink relational tables

navigate.jpgautomatic map projection

navigate.jpgcreate line styles

navigate.jpgadd label text

navigate.jpgover reference image

navigate.jpgadd / move / delete

navigate.jpgfix overshoots / gaps

navigate.jpgcreate point symbols

navigate.jpgdesign fill patterns

navigate.jpginteractive line-following

View this Getting Started booklet: editvect.pdf Editing Vector Geodata (file date: )