Editing TIN Geodata

You will use TINs (Triangulated Irregular Networks) for 3D surfaces that are generated from sets of x, y, z coordinate points. Thus you can take 3D coordinates from a database and display a surface represented by nodes and edges. The spatial data editor lets you edit TIN nodes and edges, automatically updating the TIN structure as you work.

navigate.jpgcreate TINs

navigate.jpgdrag TIN nodes

navigate.jpgautomatic TIN reconstruction

navigate.jpg over reference image

navigate.jpgattach attributes

navigate.jpgview stereo 3D

navigate.jpghandy tool palette

navigate.jpgenter node by coordinates

navigate.jpgedit z coordinates

navigate.jpgadd / move / delete

navigate.jpgview 3D perspective

navigate.jpgfill / hide triangles

View this Getting Started booklet: edittin.pdf Editing TIN Geodata (file date: )