Editing CAD Geodata

When you want to draw interpretations over reference layers and do not need the rigorous topology of vector geodata, choose CAD geodata. CAD geodata consists of point, line, polygon, shape, and block elements with attached geoattributes. You may also have CAD geodata that you have imported or converted from other object types. The geospatial editor gives you easy to use tools for creating and updating CAD elements.

navigate.jpgcreate CAD elements

navigate.jpghandy tool palette

navigate.jpgtrace reference layers

navigate.jpgcopy georeference automatically

navigate.jpgcreate line styles

navigate.jpgadd label text

navigate.jpgedit multiple objects

navigate.jpgadd / move / delete

navigate.jpglink attributes

navigate.jpgcreate point symbols

navigate.jpgdesign fill patterns

navigate.jpgmulti-element blocks

View this Getting Started booklet: editcad.pdf Editing CAD Geodata (file date: )