Advanced Vector Editing

The Spatial Data Editor lets you create and edit raster, vector, CAD, and TIN objects. All of these data types can be open in the Editor at one time for either editing or reference. Vector editing has many intricacies not treated in the introductory Editing Vector Geodata booklet, such as auto generated labels and setting contour Z values. You can even select E00, Coverage, and shapefiles directly for editing and save in the original format if desired or convert the file to an object in RVC format within the Editor.

navigate.jpgeditor preferences

navigate.jpgsnap elements in different layers

navigate.jpg auto-trace line segments

navigate.jpgsave / restart editing sessions

navigate.jpgright mouse button operations


navigate.jpgediting label positions

navigate.jpgauto-label contour lines

navigate.jpgline labels for roads

navigate.jpglabel size and style

navigate.jpgfiltering tools

navigate.jpgpan by query for editing

View this Getting Started booklet: editvect.pdf Advanced Vector Editing (file date: )