Using CartoScripts

Do you create maps requiring specialized symbols for points and lines?  Learn how to create these symbols using the cartographic scripting language in TNTmips.  CartoScripts extend the symbol-creation capabilities of the standard point and line style editors, allowing you to create simple or complex point and line symbols for many applications.

navigate.jpgdozens of sample scripts

navigate.jpgpoint and line symbol examples

navigate.jpgflexible drawing functions

navigate.jpgorient point symbols by attribute

navigate.jpgorient line symbols to line direction

navigate.jpglabels from a database field

navigate.jpggeologic strike / dip symbols

navigate.jpgoptimize placement of point symbols

navigate.jpglabel elevation contours

navigate.jpgquick reference to 40 drawing and style functions

View this Getting Started booklet: cartos.pdf Using CartoScripts (file date: )