Managing Geoattributes

attmgtYour geospatial projects will require you to attach attributes (database records) to geospatial elements so you can use and manipulate them logically. You can attach geoattributes to raster cells; vector points, lines, and polygons; CAD components; and TIN elements. Establish, manipulate, and query geoattribute records, and select elements in a view to see their attributes.

navigate.jpgmanual / automatic attachment

navigate.jpgselect by record

navigate.jpgedit / transfer attributes

navigate.jpgattach by coordinates

navigate.jpgcomplex selection queries

navigate.jpguse computed fields

navigate.jpgdefine keys / links

navigate.jpgselect by element

navigate.jpgstyle by attribute

navigate.jpgrestricted / unrestricted attachments

navigate.jpgscatterplots of attributes

navigate.jpgDataTips from attributes