Displaying Geospatial Data

Note, this tutorial is currently being re-written to cover techniques specific to each type of data layer and display types.

Learn the basics of geospatial visualization with the first of the Tutorial booklets. Find out how to display layers of raster, vector, CAD, shape, TIN, and database project materials, and how to control the layers with zoom, reposition, and other visualization tools.

The companion tutorial, Introduction to the Display Interface, is meant to be read prior to Displaying Geospatial Data. We also recommend new users read Getting Started with TNTmips, TNTedit, and TNTview before any other tutorial.

navigate.jpgProject File organization

navigate.jpgadd / remove layers

navigate.jpglegend and locator

navigate.jpgtransparency effects

navigate.jpglayer type examples

navigate.jpgsnapshots and printing

navigate.jpgicon buttons / menus

navigate.jpgsketch / measure

navigate.jpgstyle by attribute / theme

navigate.jpgreusable layouts

navigate.jpgmultiple related views

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