V6.4 New Features

  49nd Release

V6.40 Release Notes

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Undo editing of all objects.
Customize view and interactive tools
Geographically catalog and select objects


System Level Features

  • Project Files created in TNTlite can now be used in TNT professional products.
  • Preview all objects in a Project File as thumbnail views in new Overview window.
  • Select objects from the new Overview window. 
  • Geocatalog the objects in Project Files, including irregular geographic boundaries.
  • Show Overview window of cataloged objects with shared extent with current view.
  • Preview thumbnail view of object in all processes, including export and support.
  • Create large numbers of objects in a Project File up to 1000 times faster.
  • Locate an object in a Project File with many objects up to 1000 times faster.
  • Create/use large collections of style/pattern subobjects up to 1000 times faster.
  • Use relative paths for linked RVC objects: rasters, external database tables, and text.


  • Display vector objects 1.5 to 5 times faster.
  • Add custom features to display toolbar with custom icons.
    • Create an SML script to change view or process and add new layers.
    • Use SML directly or to start C++, Visual Basic, … programs.
    • Use any object in these internal or external programs.
    • Overlay or replace the view, layers, zoom, position, selected feature, …
  • Use view-in-view with contents set up by default.
  • Highlight elements in 3D view with a query (now same as in 2D view).
  • Select elements in 2D view and they are also selected in a 3D view.
  • Fill selected polygons in 3D view (same as in 2D view: transparency, patterns, ...).
  • View 3D wireframes of large rasters up to 10 times faster.

Custom Tools

  • Make new interactive tools and add them to display toolbar with custom icon.
    • Create an SML script to act on selected elements and attributes.
    • Access current layers and their current display settings in script.
    • Perform queries in the new tool.
    • Use any object in any Project File.
    • Draw new kinds of graphic tools.


  • Keep legends as part of each layout.
  • Composite style samples for legend entries from multiple layers.
  • Interactively reorder legend elements and headings.
  • Add all legend entries at once for an element type in a layer.
  • Use default descriptions for legend entries from the layer.
  • Interactively edit descriptions for each legend entry.

Editing Raster, Vector, CAD, or TIN objects

  • Use icon to UNDO edited additions.
  • Back up as many previous edit steps as desired.
  • Topological changes to vector objects will be undone.
  • Changes to relation attribute tables will be undone.

Editing Rasters

  • Custom brushes show up in designed size and color.

Modeling Watershed Landforms

  • Process very large elevation rasters 10 times faster.
  • Mask the area to be analyzed with region.
  • Create 3D vector object with flow stream lines, basins, and watersheds.
  • Use new attribute table for watershed characteristics.
  • Improved handling of depressions.


  • Vector objects now imported into new "optimized-for-faster-display" format.
  • Import 48-bit RGB TIFF/GeoTIFF rasters (for Ikonos).
  • Import/export Portable Network Graphics (PNG) rasters.
  • Import ArcGrid binary rasters.
  • Import/export NIMA’s National Image Transfer Format (NITF 2.x).
  • Import/export transparent GIF rasters.
  • Import labels associated with MapInfo internal TAB files.
  • Import Intergraph’s RLE (type 9) rasters.
  • Import TAB files to CAD object.
  • Improved import of SDTS to vector object.
  • Faster import of MapInfo internal TAB format with more modifiers.
  • Import Computer Graphic Metafiles (CGM) as CAD object or as point symbols.
    • (CGM permits import of Common Warfighter Symbology = mil spec 2525A)

New Tutorial Booklets

  • Introduction to Remote Sensing 
  • Introduction to Designing Electronic Atlases
  • Operating with a GPS Unit 
  • MERLIN: Enterprise-wide GIS

    All booklets updated to V6.40.

Spatial Manipulation Language

  • Provides suite of watershed analysis functions.


  • Use same TNT queries as in other TNT products.
  • Lock off a section of an atlas for maintenance.
  • Lock selected, frequently used layouts in TNTserver cache to speed up access.


  • New Languages added: French, Finnish, Dutch, Slovakian, Romanian.
  • 21 Language Installation Kits now available.