V6.2 New Features

  47th Release September 1999

V6.20 Release Notes

New Features

Highlight Features:  
Windows-like object selection.
Multiple monitors allowed under all licenses.


System Level Changes

• Use of multiple monitors now supported when each is set up at resolution of license.

Provides more screen area for your product.

Use a single X Window that spans multiple monitors.

Spread view, dialogs, tables, and other components over several monitors.

• Mac processes increased ~5 times in speed by improved buffering.

• Additional hot keys added to display process.

"space" centers view at cursor.

"0" for full view, "2" for 2X zoom, "3" for 3X zoom, and "4" for 4X zoom.

"1" for zoom to full resolution.


Windows-like Object Selection

• New easier-to-use object selection dialogs.

• Navigation up/down through folders/directory hierarchy now similar to Windows.

• Icons used to identify object types and to select them.

• Object list can be sorted by name, creation date, or modification date.

• Selection dialogs will show all or only those objects usable in current process.


More Map Projections and Datums

• High accuracy datum transformations using Similarity or Bursa-Wolfe transformations.

• 35 new datums are supported for conversions, such as AGD-84 to GDA-94.

• Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) now supported for military maps.

• The following new coordinate systems are now supported:

Universal Polar Stereographic coordinate system for polar regions.

British National Grid for the United Kingdom.

German Gauss-Kruger Potsdam coordinate system for Germany.

Finland-KKJ for Finland.

New Zealand Map Grid.


Complete Context Sensitive Help

• Extensive HTML help now available in all TNT products and processes.

• Context sensitive HTML help hyperlinks into the HTML on-line reference manual, Getting Started booklets, or any file on the system.


Insert Database Tables into Layouts

• Any tabular view of database table can be saved as a snapshot in a CAD object.

• Insert a CAD snapshot of a table into a map layout as a legend.

• Line styles, polygon fills, graphical fields, and fonts all saved with table snapshot.

• Edit snapshot of table anytime in CAD object editor.


Geologic CartoScripts

• Comprehensive Getting Started Booklet available to help you design new CartoScripts.


Hyperspectral Analysis

• All hyperspectral processes can now directly use the compressed hypercube object.

• ENVI formatted hyperspectral images can now be directly used in processes.

• Curves collected from the PIMA portable spectrometer can be imported.

• Curves collected from the FieldSpec FR portable spectrometer can be imported.


Creating TNTatlas on CD

• Index areas can now link to URLs that will start a browser.

• A utility is available to validate the completeness (for example, connectivity) of any TNTatlas.

• A wizard approach is available to prepare a CD-based TNTatlas:

it checks atlas completeness, assembles software for each platform, adds installation software, and so on.



• Import "AVIRIS 95" format.

• Import ESRI’s "grid" raster format.

• Import ENVI’s data type 4.

• Export to BMP (raster format used by Windows products).

• Export to all DTED rasters (Levels 0, 1, and 2).

• Export to AgLeader "target" raster format.

(commonly used for output to control precision farming apparatus)


3D Simulations

• Insert 3D arrow that will track north into a movie.

• Dialog now available to control position of profile and plan panes.


Editing Objects

• WINTAB driver can now be used for generic support of many X-Y digitizers.

• Additional hot keys added to display process for more efficient editing (see above).


Database Management

• Duplicate records automatically found and removed from selected table.

• Combine 2 tables with similar structures to form a new table.

• Copy a table, including an attribute table, into the table being edited or created.

• Copy an externally-linked ODBC, Access, or dBase table into any internal table.

• Pin mapping from an Access or other ODBC table source is now ~50 times faster.

• Setup of access to ODBC-based external tables has been simplified.



• A binary mask raster can be saved that represents all null value area in the mosaic.


SML for X

• SML now has a preprocessor so a script can use other SML scripts.

• Preprocessor allows parser to conditionally include or skip parts of a script.

• Includes files that can be used to allow scripts to be broken into several files.

• Libraries of script files can be set up and shared among multiple scripts.

• The rest of the Import/Export classes are finished (28 new classes, total of 98).

• A sample SML script is provided to convert point data to DEM and contour map.


SML for Windows

• 100 import/export functions/classes are available.


New Tutorial Booklets

• 3D Simulations • Introduction to Remote Sensing

• Using CartoScripts • Introduction to GIS (completed)

• Installation of Network-Wide Systems

• All 50 booklets are updated to V6.20


Languages Kit

• Arabic and Hebrew now fully supported by the TNT products.

• Text editor supports mixed right to left and left to right text entry.

• Text editor now supports mixed English and Arabic/Hebrew text entry.

• German interface reference files are available.