HyperIndex Navigator Update TNT products V5.5

  V5.50 –– October 1996

The TNT HyperIndex Navigator window presents directional buttons for quick navigation through the spatially related materials in a HyperIndex stack. New in V5.5 are ToolTips and drop down menus that show your current location and indicate what stack materials are available. Arrow buttons are automatically inactive when no stack materials lie in their direction.

Determining Your Location

The ToolTip associated with the central navigator icon identifies your current location in the HyperIndex stack. Pause the cursor over the icon to activate the ToolTip.

Moving Through the Stack

If more than one object lies in a direction, then simply clicking the left mouse button on the arrow takes you to the closest neighboring object. You can see an entire list of object to select from by pressing the right mouse button over an arrow.

Drag the cursor along the drop down menu and release the mouse button the selection highlight is on the object you want.