New TNTview Features

  V5.40 –– July 1996

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A TNTview toolbar gives you access to features previously available only in TNTmips:


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  • SML (Spatial Manipulation Language) is an optional feature that lets you create and run scripts for manipulation and analysis of the objects in TNTmips Project Files.
  • Import lets you import files from all the external raster, vector, CAD, and database formats supported by TNTmips.
  • Project File Maintenance lets you view and maintain TNT Project Files at the object and subobject level. You can copy and delete objects and files, obtain object information, and pack files to optimize use of storage space.
  • Recover Project File lets you recover data from damaged RVC files.
  • Edit Text File provides access to the TNTmips internationalized Text Editor.
  • Map Calculator lets you translate coordinates from one map projection or coordinate system to any other.
  • Scientific Calculator uses a graphic interface for calculation of arithmetic, trigonometric, and logarithmic functions.
  • Setup Preferences lets you designate screen dimensions for accurate map scale display and indicated system preferences, such as temporary directory locations and the X Server background color.
  • Setup Fonts lets you select the font to use for menus, buttons, and interface text.
  • Exit closes the toolbar but leaves TNTview open.