New Features in 2013

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Assemble Collada Models

Allow linking to online tilesets

Assemble Geomashup

Add ability to include Google Fusion table(s) in mashup

Add Cursor Control for Map

Allow adding additional remote components to an existing layer

Allow adding multiple KML objects as a single mashup layer

Allow checkbox + radio group overlay control for Google Maps v3 mashups

Allow independent layers to be associated in a collapsible group

Allow multiple KML geometric tilesets as part of single overlay

Allow user to set zoom level for aggregation (including None)

Automatically open Custom Settings dialog when add Fusion table

Bing mashup: warn the user if they are using a relative path (KML)

Fusion Tables: wse standard dialog for selecting

Google Earth: support combined radio and checkbox for overlays

Google Maps v3 API: Rearrange controls in Custom Control Options

Google Maps v3 API: support basemaps

Google Maps v3: provide method to set zoom level range

KML Parsing: for GeoXML provide UI for adding tree control for KML overlays

Open Layers: maintain position and zoom which switch between base maps

Open Layers: provide starting view options

Provide interface to set center and zoom level of initial view

Show name of current geomashup file in interface

Store KML settings in MSH

Support div tags (resized by script) with arbitrary html as interior

SVG geometric layer: add user interface to choose to provide legend and set parameters

Contact Support Form

Prevent creation of duplicate folder name with different case letters

Convert Geometric to Vector

Add option to compute standard attributes

Convert Region to Triangles

Create process

CRS / Definition Database

Add Baltic 77 datum

Support more alternate Spherical Web Mercator CRS Codes

Database Table Creation Wizard

Add EPANET schema


Export Fusion Table - include color from style as extra field

Export Geometric to Fusion Tables CSV

Export geometric to SVG

Fusion tables: support export of styles by theme

KML: allow table data to be included as Extended Data

KML: allow specification of coordinate precision for output

KML: when include KML schema, don't duplicate records (link multiple elements to single record)

Use folder names to resolve duplicate output names

Export Raster

JP2: Add DPI setting to export

Export Vector

Export EPANET .inp file

KML: allow export of multiple objects with same database structure

POSTGIS: allow to name the object when exporting

Feature Mapping

Add ability to "draw" line, rectangular and circular areas.

Add ability to save features as KML

Add ability to open additional View(s) for comparison

Add ability to setup and use macro or tool script

Add DataTip controls as in other display processes

Add option to save features as vector

Add Pan View tool

Allow user to set growth factor to minimum for 'Grow and Mark Features' tool

Allow user to control of how soon verify window opens when use 'Grow and Mark Features'

Allow user to set line width in 'draw' modes

Compute histogram and pyramid for output rasters

Create single "draw" action mode for prototype, protected and feature classes.

Display progress when initially loading raster

Hide infrequently used icons

Remember setting for "show values"

Show DataTips using classes for feature/categories

Switch active layer back to previous after features layer created so don't get 0 for DataTip


Allow viewing of surface layer in 2D view

Make layers non-visible in 2D if has 3D manifold spatial referencing

Bing Maps Layer - inform user of expiration date on first use and when view terms

CAD Layer - allow dynamic labeling of the CAD elements

Contrast Enhancement Window - add hyperbolic tangent method

Contrast Enhancement Window - hyperbolic tangent: map lowest output to low end of specified range

DataTips - change suffix when change units in Vector Layer Controls

DataTips - show DataTip for surface layers

Element Marking - allow multi-select using 'ctrl' key in single-select mode

Element Marking - allow multi-select using 'ctrl' key in single-select mode

GeoToolbox - allow drawing tools to drape on terrain in stereo view mode

Layout - set'3D Viewpoint Selection' dialog box to previously selected or default position

LegendView - add zoom tool to sidebar as described

Lidar Layer - terrain display: provide option to manually hide points regardless of spacing

Lidar Layer - support LAS 14 format

Point Profile Tool - add ability to set background color

Point Profile Tool - add ability to use equal scaling for X and Y axes

Point Profile Tool - whow value for cursor on horizontal axis

Raster Layer - add option to set scale range visibility in layer controls

Raster Layer - add option to show "outline" around contiguous areas having the same color

Raster Layer - allow contrast enhancement on 24-bit composite-color rasters

Raster Layer - provide better stereo rendering of decorrelated RGB images

Shape Layer - allow automatic dynamic labeling

Shape Layer - support fusion table link to shape layer

Show equivalent of 1cm/inch in meters/kilometers or feet/miles in the View based on current scale

Stereo View - add ability to choose whether left or right view is shifted

Stereo View - add ability to mark no terrain areas with color overlay

Stereo View - add indicator in stereo mode to visually check if left/right setting is correct

Stereo View - add option to shift both views

Surface Layer - add ability to show surface layer as relief shaded, elevation color or mixed

Surface Layer - add choice of displayed units for datatip

Surface Layer - allow automatic use of web terrain tileset when toggle on 3D mode

Surface Layer - allow selection of terrain tileset from local or web location

Tileset Layer - allow specifying invert and offset of tile row/column

View Window - add option for KMZ snapshot

View Window - give option to 'Show result in GE' for KMZ snapshot

View Window - retain current view scale when open or close sidebar or resize window

View Window - show tracking cursor on terrain in stereo mode

View Window - show Z value in status display when available

View Window - support floating point output for z value display

Geometric Extract

Add ability to split vector into multiple objects based on attribute value

Don't automatically remove input(s) after run

Make computing standard attributes optional

Provide automatic naming of output to separate files with specified prefix + by attribute + suffix

Remember all parameter/option settings

Geometric Grid Generation

Allow to enter grid size in degrees, minutes, seconds

Allow user to specify output CRS

Import Vector

Import EPANET inp file

Job Manager

If group selected, compute statistics for all jobs in group

Provide way to block job based on other job IDs


HTTP Client - allow extended logging for HTTP download requests

HTTP Client - retain statistics for various operations during process session

Image Pipeline - support terrain tileset reading from PNG tiles

Image Pipeline - use PNG tilemap to determine existence and kind of tile before attempting to download

System - Mac: add ability to copy and paste between non-X application and TNT


Classification - add noise detection method

Classification - create process for Lidar point classification

Classification - provide report/log of reclassification result

General - allow withheld value in LAS table to be modified

Raster Mosaic

Add mosaic to terrain

Allow processing as group of jobs

Raster Predefined Combinations

Provide option to compute NDVI from CIR color-composite rasters.

Raster Resample/Reproject

Add "thin plate spline" model.

Raster Spatial Filtering

Add Laplacian filter

Raster Viewshed Analysis

Add ability to open Display Manager

Add method to clear a test result from the view

Add range tool using circle control

Raster Watershed Analysis

Provide Bing Maps reference layer

Restore stereo capability

Render to KML

Automatically set one-line DataTip as name attribute for element

RVC System - Raster

Add ability to set measurement type/unit (eg, Elevation/feet) for raster

Support auto-link to url object

Support fusion table link to database

When auto-link to TIFF, allow ability to force generic component names for RGB data if > 3 components

SML Functions/Classes

Add class examples and allow inserting them

Add current install location to context

Add function to mark elements in DBEditor tabular view

MieKML geometric classes: add methods to set accuracy in map units and by decimal places

Provide for grouping of classes similiar to how functions are grouped

Provide method to get RVC_SHAPE object instance from a GRE_LAYER

Watershed: Add flowpath segmentation

Spatial Edit

Change hotkeys to avoid conflicts

Select schema with new object creation

Automatic mode - keep automatic button pushed in when auto-switch to other modes

Startup - General

Add support for Windows 8

TNTmips Basic: allow use of Development Version


Convert - add ability to process as group of jobs

Convert - add ability to convert terrain tilesets

Extract - allow extract from online tileset with limits

Export Geometric - feometric/KML: automatically set one-line DataTip as name attribute for element

Export Geometric - feometric: add option for SVGZ

Export Geometric - feometric: Add user choice of Thinning factor

Export Geometric - make tilemap for KML / SVG geometric tilesets

Export Geometric - vector: provide settings for line styling for KML target

Export Image - add 24-bit terrain tileset

Export Image - add 32-bit terrain tileset

Export Image - add computed pixel range to terrain tiles

Export Image - add option for bing maps layer in preview

Export Image - add units for terrain tileset

Export Image - generate pixel range map for terrain tileset

Export Image - generate region tile map

Export Terrain - add option to replace null values with zero

Export Terrain - provided choices for output units

Manager - add copyright text option

Manager - add way to specify url of where data will be located

Merge - add ability to merge terrain tilesets

Merge - allow to restrict levels used from source tilesets in output

Merge - need modified icons for Set All Levels and Set Selected Levels buttons

Validate - create test program for validating online tilesets


Add 'View Histogram' to raster layer's RMB menu

TNTmips Main Menu

Include build date in menu title

Window - File / Object Selection

Add fusion table selection

Add Paste and Go button

Allow selection of terrain tileset via URL

Allow specifying pattern when adding all objects

Fusion tables: change icon for fusion table

If web location fails to connect, default to local location instead

Remember changes to column size

Show terrain tilesets in 'Add Objects' dialog