Profile of a Successful Reseller

  for the TNTgis software

MicroImages has been developing and marketing commercial geospatial software world wide for 20 years in competition with much larger companies, such as ESRI and Intergraph. From this we have learned that helping potential clients choose an advanced geospatial analysis system, such as TNTmips, is not a simple sales activity. It can not be accomplished by simply listing TNTmips as one more software product on your product list or web site. Potential clients looking for a geospatial analysis system each have a different and often unique application they want to pursue. This is quite different from their selection and application of their other commercial software, such as a generic word processor, page layout, or CAD package.

TNTmips, our flagship product, has been designed to be a very flexible and wide-ranging geospatial analysis system to satisfy many kinds of applications. If you decide to resell TNTmips, you must become intimately familiar with it and our other TNTgis software in order to help your clients use this flexibility to address their specific application(s). There is also limited direct financial gain in selling specialized software. Thus, the best business model for reselling geospatial software is to use it and resell it as part of your service work, consulting, contracts, and by participation in other's contracts where your company is providing the geospatial expertise and capabilities. 

Should you wish to become a MicroImages Reseller you should have a compelling reason to learn and use all the detailed capabilities of TNTgis. This will cause you to become intimately acquainted with TNTgis software and, thus, able to respond with intelligent approaches to your existing and new client applications and system design. This might be as part of expanding your clients' ability to use your services (i.e., geodata, system maintenance, training, etc.), expanding your consulting operations to set up your clients' geospatial and database systems, providing geospatial expertise and access to our products as part of larger contracts, and so on.

A typical service work scenario, which we have observed repeated over and over with our new successful Resellers, evolves as follows. Your company is engaged in geospatial-oriented service work for a larger company or government agency. You acquire and prepare some sort of geodata or other analysis for them using TNTmips systems (and other software). Your client then concludes from this experience that they would like to bring some geospatial analysis capabilities (some TNTgis software) into their organization. But wait, why would you want them to gain access to the very products you are using as a basis for your contract work with them? Because the use of geospatial analysis is an expanding concept. As your client begins to use geospatial analysis internally, they find that they need to contract for more and more of your company's expertise, geodata preparation and management, and eventually more TNTgis software. 

The best salesperson for TNTmips is not at MicroImages or your company. You will discover that your best salesperson is your client who becomes a successful user of TNTmips and/or the other TNTgis software. If you or someone in your organization is willing to become expert at TNTmips use, you will find that you can easily convey that enthusiasm and expertise to your clients. You will then find many new business opportunities are opened to you whereby your company's abilities can be combined with the capability of TNTgis software and conveyed to your existing and new clients.

Inquire about opportunities in your area for sales, support, and service work with the industry-leading TNTgis software from MicroImages, Inc.