Problems Resolved
Ref Resolution Date Process - Summary
26006Fixed16Sep2021GeoTagged Image Database Creation - Lat, Lon and Elevation information are not correctly saved into EXIF
25996Can't Reproduce13Sep2021Import Vector - GPX: Date / Time field gets incorrect hour in the time field
25997Can't Reproduce13Sep2021GeoTagged Image Database Creation - Date / Time field gets incorrect hour in the time field
25998Fixed10Sep2021GeoTagged Image Database Creation - When add .gpx file to log list, an extra line is added to the Log File list
25982Fixed21Apr2021SML Functions/Classes - GRE_GROUP.RenderToTileset: get invalid parameters message
25980Fixed15Apr2021CRS / Definition Database - Point vector with Belge 1972 / Belgian Lambert 72 coordinates is displayed in wrong location
25950Fixed25Feb2021Geometric Raster Statistics - Get 'Object instance is not attached' message when run with data provided
25955Fixed25Feb2021Assemble Geomashup - Crash when open Map View tab after adding WMS overlay
25956Fixed25Feb2021Assemble Geomashup - Crash when click Custom Settings for WMS layer
25957Fixed23Feb2021Assemble Geomashup - Google Maps: Missing JavaScript file - proj4js-compressed.js
25945Fixed09Feb2021Window - File / Object Selection - macOS Big Sur (11.x): crash when navigate to folder with geospatial data
25947Fixed03Feb2021Main Menu ToolBars - Command 'tntdisp sml' results in 'File is not RVC or supported format' message
25942Fixed27Jan2021SML Functions/Classes - Request help setting up Gaussian blur smoothing filter via SML
25923Fixed18Jan2021Geometric Surface Properties - Resulting grid table's Element field doesn't match the polygon's Internal.ElemNum
25929Fixed18Jan2021Raster Radiometric Correction - Crash when load data provided
25935Fixed18Jan2021Raster Radiometric Correction - Crash when add rasters provided that have no metadata

database dated: Wed Dec 7 08:01:57 2022