The Free Wink Screen Recorder

Show the MicroImages Software Support Engineers a Sequence of Steps

In many cases it can be difficult to communicate exactly what is causing your question or problem. The best way for you to show us how to reproduce an error is by creating a "screencast" of your actions. A screencast is a recording of what is happening on your computer monitor. For errors that are very difficult to reproduce, it is very helpful for us to 'see' what you are doing when the problem occurs. This may help us troubleshoot the problem under de-bugging conditions.

The free Wink screen recorder for Windows and Linux creates an animated playback of each of the steps you take.  When you finish the sequence that you want to show to our Support staff, just send us the output file.

Note: for output you can choose either Windows Executable (a self-contained .exe file), or Flash (an .htm / .swf pair of files).  If you make an .exe file and it doesn't work reliably, switch the output type to Flash.

Here's how Wink works.  (This example requires Adobe Flash Player):


Download and install the free Wink utility at 

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