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# sample script for tutorial "Writing Scripts with SML".
# Opens two region objects, finds their
# intersection, and uses it to find information
# about point elements in a vector object.
# Get two input region objects and an input vector with 3D points.
region Reg1, Reg2, IntReg;
vector V;
# Get a new output region object.
# Find intersection of two input regions and assign
# to output region. 
IntReg = RegionAND(Reg1,Reg2);
# Get georef information for input vector.
class Georef georefV;
georefV = GetLastUsedGeorefObject(V);
# Find the number of vector points that lie in the intersection 
# region and the maximum point Z value and its location.
numeric x, y, z;
numeric maxX, maxY, maxZ, count;
numeric map_x, map_y;
for each point in V {
	x = V.point.Internal.x;	# get point coordinates from
	y = V.point.Internal.y;	# Internal element table.
	z = V.point.Internal.z;
	# transform x and y object coordinates to map coordinates.
	# loop to find points in region.
	if (PointInRegion(map_x,map_y,IntReg)) {
		count = count + 1;
		if (z > maxZ ) then	# set values for current maxZ point.
			maxZ = z;
			maxX = map_x;
			maxY = map_y;
print("Number of points in region intersect =", count);
print("Maximum point elevation in region intersect =", maxZ);
print("Map x-coordinate of maximum elevation point =", maxX);
print("Map y-coordinate of maximum elevation point =", maxY);