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#  ParcelToolModeless.SML - Allows user to select and highlight a vector polygon
#	representing a parcel.  Script opens a Visual Basic form showing the
#  parcel ID from the selected polygon.  User enters Last Name and First
#  Name in the Visual Basic form and the database is updated.
#  Created by: Randy Smith
#  Most recent revision: 9-2003
# The following symbols are predefined
#    class VIEW View            {use to access the view the tool script is attached to}
#    class GROUP Group          {use to access the group being viewed if the script is run from a group view}
#    class LAYOUT Layout        {use to access the layout being viewed if the script is run from a layout view} 
# The following values are also predefined and are valid when the various On...() 
# functions are called which deal with pointer and keyboard events. 
#    number PointerX            Pointer X coordinate within view in pixels 
#    number PointerY            Pointer Y coordinate within view in pixels 
$import MicroImages_SML_OLE_Demo_EXE.VBForm
# Variable declarations
class GRE_LAYER_VECTOR vectorLayer;
class Vector targetVector;
class GRE_GROUP activegroup;
class VBForm form;
class Database ParcelDB;
class DBTABLEINFO parceltable;
numeric elementNum;
# Checks layer to see if it is valid.
func checkLayer() {
	local numeric valid = true;
	# Get names layers if usable.  If not output error messages.
	# Get name of active layer if it is usable.  If not output an error message.
	if (activegroup.ActiveLayer.Type == "") {
		PopupMessage("Group has no layers!");
		valid = false;
	else if (activegroup.ActiveLayer.Type == "Vector") {
		vectorLayer = activegroup.ActiveLayer;
		DispGetVectorFromLayer(targetVector, vectorLayer);
		if (targetVector.$Info.NumPolys < 1) {
			PopupMessage("No polygons!");
			valid = false;
		parceltable = TableGetInfo( targetVector.Poly.ParcelInfo );
	else {
		PopupMessage("Not a vector!");
		valid = false;
	return valid;
# Called when user presses 'left' pointer/mouse button. 
func OnLeftButtonPress () { 
	# If the selected layer is valid, proceed.
	if (checkLayer()) {
		# Set local variables
		local class POINT2D point;
		local numeric num;
		local string parcelID$;
		# get screen coordinates from cursor and transform to layer coordinates.
		point.x = PointerX;
		point.y = PointerY;
		point = View.GetTransLayerToScreen(vectorLayer).ConvertPoint2DInv(point);
		num = FindClosestPoly(targetVector, point.x, point.y, GetLastUsedGeorefObject(targetVector));
		if (num > 0) {
			elementNum = num;
			vectorLayer.Poly.HighlightSingle(elementNum);	# highlight selected polygon
			parcelID$ = targetVector.Poly[elementNum].ParcelInfo.ParcelID$;
			form.Clear();			# Clear fields in Visual Basic dialog window
			# assign values for fields in form from attributes of selected polygon
			form.ElemID = parcelID$;
		   form.LastName = targetVector.Poly[elementNum].ParcelInfo.OwnerLastName$;
	      form.FirstName = targetVector.Poly[elementNum].ParcelInfo.OwnerFirstName$;
			form.ShowDialog();	# open the Visual Basic form as modeless dialog
	}  # end of OnLeftButtonPress 
# function called when Apply button on Visual Basic dialog is pressed
func OnApply () {
	if (elementNum > 0) {
			# set values in parcel table from info entered in Visual Basic form
			targetVector.Poly[elementNum].ParcelInfo.OwnerLastName$ = form.LastName;
			targetVector.Poly[elementNum].ParcelInfo.OwnerFirstName$ = form.FirstName;
			# notify RVC that the table has changed and unhighlight all elements
			TableTriggerRecordChangedCallback( parceltable );
			vectorLayer.UnhighlightAllElements( );
# function called when Close button on Visual Basic dialog is pressed
func OnClose () {
	View.SetDefaultTool();	# reset tool icon buttons on View when close VB dialog closes
# Callback for when the active group changes.
proc cbGroup() {
	activegroup = Layout.ActiveGroup;
# Called the first time the tool is activated.
# If the tool implements a dialog it should be created (but not displayed) here.
func OnInitialize () {
	if (Layout) {
		WidgetAddCallback( Layout.GroupSelectedCallback, cbGroup );
		activegroup = Layout.ActiveGroup;
		activegroup = Group;
		# register callback functions in SML script with the Visual Basic dialog
  		form.SetOnApply( OnApply );
		form.SetOnClose( OnClose );
	PopupMessage("Left-click in the View to select a parcel polygon.");
	}  # end of OnInitialize
func OnActivate() {
func OnDeactivate() {