TNTsdk from MicroImages

  Programs for Learning and Adaptation

Sample programs provided with TNTsdk are included for learning and testing. You should examine the source code in each program:

You can search the program code for functions of particular interest by using inurl:tntsdksamples and

These programs along with their makefiles are included in the TNTsdk installation:

cadtovec.c convert a CAD object to a vector object
mklayer.c sample for Mdisp layer creation from a "fixed" file and object
objview.c demonstrate use of object display functions. This program allows the user to view one or more spatial data layers
rastinfo.c very simple application allowing user to select a raster and display basic information about it
smlapp.c an older method for extending SML functions with SDK
smlplug.c a better method for extending SML functions by creating plugin modules to be called from SML scripts
stdattr.c computes "standard attributes" for CAD/TIN/Vector objects