1 Unlimited means that there is no limit on the number of elements in the layer that can be created or used in TNTmips Pro, however, limits may be imposed by your hardware, other software, or operating system.

2 Each TNTmips Pro comes with a license purchased by MicroImages from Microsoft to use the Bing Maps image and road layers in every TNTview. This license is valid until the next version of TNTmips Pro is released in January.

3 TNTmips Pro can prepare and assemble raster, vector, CAD, shape, DEM, tilesets (raster, KML, and SVG), and other geodata types for viewing and other uses in Google Maps, Bing Maps, Google Earth, OpenLayers, and World Wind.

4 SML is MicroImages' powerful geospatial scripting language built into TNTmips. TNTmips Free and Basic can use SML to structure queries, add tools to views, and add internal macro processing methods. Only TNTmips Pro can be used to create and run "stand alone" SML scripts that can be distributed and run as separate processes.

5 Job Processing — TNTmips Pro will simultaneously execute the same or different independent analysis processes or tasks on each of your processors to greatly improve throughput.