X-Server Price Comparison Sheet

Company Product Single User[1]
MicroImages Inc. MI/X $25
Pexus Systems X-Deep/32 $55.95
Netsarang Xmanager $69
LabF WinaXe $90
XLink Omni-X $135
Distinct IntelliTerm $149
Frontier Technologies SuperX $224.10
Starnet X-Win32 $249
NetManage ViewNow X $275
PowerLan WebTerm X $295
Microsoft Interix (Hummingbird Exceed)) $299
WRQ Inc Reflection X, X Suite [2]
NCD PC-Xware. Xware Suite [2]
Tarantella XVision Eclipse [2]
Attachmate KEA!X [2]
GraphOn Go-Global [2]
Hummingbird Exceed [2]
Intergraph eXalt [2]

Prices for MI/X multi-user site licenses range from $20 to $22.50 per user.

[1] Prices are for a non-discounted single-user license.
[2] Company does not list product prices on their web page.

Information was found from the web sites of individual companies and from Kenton Lee's "Technical X Window System and Motif WWW Sites" page. That page also contains a wealth of other useful information about X Windows development.

All information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. If you discover an error or a commercially available X Server not listed above please let us know and provide a URL to the product web page showing the correct information.