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Language Interface Packages

Use these language kits with your copy of the TNTmips (including TNTmips Free and TNTmips Basic). All of these language packages are already included in the TNT products download.

See instructions below for using language kits in TNTmips.

If you are involved in geospatial analysis and are interested in providing software in your language, please contact us to find out about becoming an official translator

What do language kits do?

A kit will customize all these aspects of a TNT product for direct use in your language.

  • INTERFACE: all windows, dialog boxes, advisories, error messages, ...

  • DATABASES: use string/text fields in your attribute/database tables, ...

  • TEXT EDITING: supports mixed languages in a single line, right-to-left entry, conjunctive and cursive language forms, multilevel diacritical marks above/below characters, ...

  • MAP PRODUCTS: publish printed or electronic maps with captions, legends, annotations, labels, ...

  • MIXING LANGUAGES: change between several languages from the menu

  • KEYBOARD ENTRY: uses standard Windows and Mac entry forms and keyboard layouts

Why are they available?

MicroImages has worked for many years to adapt the TNT products so that they can operate just as though they were originally created in your language. It is our belief that full native language operation is both technically and psychologically important to expanding the use of geospatial analysis tools among those whose primary language is not English. Thus, TNTmips Free is provided FREE with the appropriate language kit for use in teaching geospatial analysis to students and professionals who may not know English and have no particular reason to learn it. Technicians who use the TNT professional products to prepare large geodata sets for use in local institutional or business settings often do not know English. And perhaps most important, the general public, who is often the final user of a geospatial product such as a map, atlas, or web site, must be served in their language.

How to get your kit?

All current language kits are included with the TNT products distribution.  You can also download new and updated language packages for your language using the links above.

How do you install language kits?

(1) First select a font that supports your language.  Select Support / Setup / Fonts... from the TNT menu. The Interface Font List Selection dialog shows the fonts that you have installed on your computer's operating system. When you select a font from the list, a sample of the font shows in the sample pane. Click the [Add] button to add the selected font to the Fonts to Use list. The TNT products support any 2-byte Unicode font

(2) Install the TNT locale by selecting Support / Setup / Preferences from the TNT menu. Select the Locale tab in the General System Preferences dialog. Click the [Language ...] button to open the Language dialog, which lists the TNT locales installed on your system. Scroll the list to the language you want and click [OK] to close the Language... dialog.

The change of language does not take place until you exit the TNT products and start a new session

Note: to manually install or update your language kit, choose the language you want from the links above. Download the language kit for the version of TNT you are running and unzip the file. Place the textres.* file into your TNT products directory (usually C:\Program Files\MicroImages\TNT_XXXX). Then choose your language in your TNTmips software as specified in step 2 above.

English reference materials.

Documentation for TNTmips is written in English and includes 71 Tutorials for learning geospacial analysis, hundreds of Technical Guides covering a wide variety of TNTmips feature descriptions and numerous Quick Guides showing quick how-to's and power tips.

It is not possible to keep such a massive amount of material current and retranslate it from English. Should you have questions during the use of TNT products, including TNTmips Free, and cannot use these English language reference materials, please request help from MicroImages in English or from your local reseller or consultant in your language.


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