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Thematic Mapping 



The TNT products provides a variety of thematic mapping tools to explore and present your geospatial data. Using the attributes attached to your elements, you can create color theme maps or graduated symbol maps for visualisation and analysis. The thematic mapping tools in the TNT products allows you to assign a range of styles to represent the range of values for any attribute. The interactive statistical tools help you analyse your geodata to assign and adjust your theme values. You can use 2D or 3D visualisation tools and the advanced layout tools in the TNT products for the exploration and presentation of your geospatial data as thematic maps.

Thematic Map in 2D View

TNT Thematic Mapping Highlights:

  • Create a variety of thematic maps using the attributes attached to your geometric elements

  • Improve the appearance of your thematic maps by creating drawing styles and assigning them to the elements using any attribute

  • Automatically or manually assign drawing styles to the selected attribute values

  • Derive new information from the existing attributes for thematic mapping.

  • Generate interval categories from the quantitative attributes or the cell values of raster objects

  • Use automatic or manual assignment of values for each interval category

  • Set interval categories automatically using equal range or equal count distribution

  • Alter automatically generated boundaries for each class using a histogram in bar graph form or manually entering new values

  • Assign colors to the interval categories using color spreads from a variety of color palettes

  • Generate 2D or 3D thematic maps and present them in complex layouts with fancy legends 

  • Extrude polygons into 3D shapes and show multiple themes on polygon sides and tops 

  • Create a stack of color layers indicating cumulative data attached to each extruded polygon.

  • Display points on stalks above terrain and show themes on stalks.

  • Apply size and color spreads to the point elements

  • Use scripts for special styling of the elements in your thematic maps

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is just one of many features and processes in TNTmips

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25 March 2009  

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