Townsend Montana Geologic Map
(as 5 SVG geometric tilesets with map feature attributes and legend)

This geologic map is being displayed in Google Maps using a set of 5 SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) tilesets containing polygons, lines, and points. The map data were downloaded from a USGS web site as shapefiles, imported to TNTmips as 5 vector objects, and styled to match the source map. TNTmips then converted the vector elements in each vector to styled elements in an SVG tileset along with associated attributes set by element DataTips.

The TNTmips interactive Geomashup feature was used to assemble the 5 SVG tilesets, sidebar with legend, and other features into this mashup. Structural features (contacts, faults, folds, and strike/dip measurements) are organized in the layer controls as a separate layer group so that this entire group or its individual layers can be turned on or off as desired. Moving the cursor over a map feature reveals the feature name; clicking on the feature opens the Google info window to show additional information.

This sample use of SVG tilesets can be viewed in the latest version of these browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. Since the map layers are tilesets, the map could cover any geographic extents with the same level of detail and performance in these browsers.