Download TNTmips 2014 — Release Version

  Geospatial software for image analysis and GIS

The same file is used to install all TNT products for all license levels (TNTmips Pro, TNTedit Pro, TNTview Pro, TNTmips Basic, and TNTmips Free).

Weekly Edition:   Get all the latest fixes and updates by downloading and installing a completely new software edition posted here each week. See errors corrected up to 16 December 2014.

Download:   choose a link below to download the latest weekly edition of TNTmips 2014

Windows Logo Windows for Intel and AMD CPUs: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
TNTmips 32-bit 144 Mb TNT_2014_App_Win32_20141217.exe
TNTmips 64-bit 124 Mb TNT_2014_App_Win64_20141217.exe
Apple Logo Mac: OS 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 or 10.6
TNTmips 32-bit 192 Mb TNT_2014_App_Mac32_20141217.dmg
TNTmips 64-bit 173 Mb TNT_2014_App_Mac64_20141217.dmg

First time installing and running TNT

After downloading, run the installer and start the TNTmips software via the TNTmips start icon (or choose TNTedit or TNTview icon if you've purchased one of those professional products). The first time you start, you will be prompted to select a license level. If you choose Basic or Professional, instructions will open to guide you through setting up the license. If you have purchased a Professional license you will find detailed instructions in the Installation and Setup Guide.

Updating a previous installation of the same version

In most cases you can use the installer file to update over an existing version, however, there are some cases where this will not succeed. If you are having any technical difficulties, follow the steps to completely uninstall and re-install TNTmips.

Detailed instructions

The Download and Install FAQ page has detailed instructions on how to download, install, update, and run TNTmips.

Trouble downloading? Use MicroImages' FTP site.

More Downloads:

TNTmips Documentation 245 Mb
TNT Technical Guides, Tutorials, Quick Guides, and more are automatically available from the TNTmips Help menu if you have an Internet connection. If you prefer, you can download and run the documentation installer to access these files directly on your computer.
Windows Logo Windows: TNT_2014_Doc_Win_20141217.exe
Apple LogoMac: TNT_2014_Doc_Mac_20141217.dmg
page update: 17 Dec 2014