Glossary for Geospatial Science

  Technical vocabulary defined by MicroImages

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processing raster(s):  TNTmips image interpretation processes can use either a single raster object or a set of raster objects.  That is, you can use one raster object for the display, and another raster object or set of raster objects for processing. In the simplest case, you use the same raster object for both the processing raster object and your reference on the display.  In a more complex case, you use one raster object for the display image, and a whole set of raster objects for processing.  (The processing set may include the display raster.) For instance, you could use a raster object with a composite natural-color image of the study site for the display, while using the seven raster objects containing the spectral bands of the Landsat Thematic Mapper data for processing.  (See also: reference image.)