Glossary for Geospatial Science

  Technical vocabulary defined by MicroImages

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HBS:A method of defining color space, sometimes known as HSV, that combines hue, brightness, and saturation components to produce all colors.  An HBS raster set in TNTmips is a set of three rasters with the same dimensions that represent the hue, brightness, and saturation components of an image.

The hue-brightness-saturation model uses a six-sided pyramid (or hexcone) with the apex at the bottom to describe the colors.  Black is at the point of the hexcone and the purest, most intense colors are at the top of the hexcone.  Like the HIS model, on any horizontal slice of the cone, the hue varies as you move around the slice and the saturation increases as you move outward from the center.  The HBS model may be more intuitive than the HIS model, because the Brightness factor is at its most intense at 100%, rather than the Intensity factor which is most intense at 50%.  (See also: HIS, RGB.)