Glossary for Geospatial Science

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COGO:† The Coordinate Geometry (COGO) process includes COGO commands that when executed accomplish meaningful functions for professional surveying and civil engineering applications.† COGO by definition is a command structured problem oriented language and computer program for the solution of geometric problems.† COGO tools are useful for creating or editing vector or CAD objects with land surveying, global positioning system, and other precision data.† The COGO approach has been used by surveying and civil engineers since approximately the early 1960ís.† COGO relates to the LOGO language used in early computing and permits the creation of precise control and descriptive data entry into new or existing objects tied to the ground surface, projection, and datum.† COGO points and the objects defined by those points, can be determined in 3D space within the interior of an object (for example rooms and hallways in a building; adits, shafts, and various tunnels in an underground mine; locations in a timber stand; or areas in a hydro-geologic environment) and can be used to define interior surfaces in vector applications and solid objects in vector and CAD applications.