Problems Resolved
Ref Resolution Date Process - Summary
25840Fixed28Sep2020Import Raster - GeoTIFF: linked raster does not have expected pyramid tiers
25873Fixed28Sep2020Raster Watershed Analysis - Horton stream order is too high on some branches
25859Fixed18Sep2020Job Manager - Crash on startup of TNTmips with pending job suplied
25841Fixed17Sep2020Import Raster - Pyramid setting always defaults to Sample after changing from initial default of Average.
25854Fixed17Sep2020Display / Style Assignment Window - Crash when select empty table for style by attribute
25866Fixed17Sep2020Raster Topographic Properties - Aspect results display incorrectly when use Round to Integer option
25865Fixed16Sep2020Raster Resample/Reproject - The Reference Raster overrides the Reference System setting for output CRS
25858Fixed11Sep2020Raster Linear Combinations - Coefficients are not loaded the first time using Open Array
25864Fixed10Sep2020Window - File / Object Selection - Should not show extra column headings in "List" mode.
25857Fixed09Sep2020CRS / Definition Database - Australia > AGD66 Act Stromlo: the False Northing value has incorrect precision
25861Fixed09Sep2020Raster Topographic Properties - Slope Position Class styles are inverted
25843Fixed03Aug2020Import Raster - ARW: Get 'Illegal object type specified' warning
25570Fixed22Jul2020Assemble Geomashup - GM: support grouping of layers
25807Fixed17Jul2020rastdistge - Get 'Program error' when use Extents, Selection: Range option
25808Fixed17Jul2020rastdistge - Direction raster colors are flipped
25811Can't Reproduce16Jul2020Window - Raster Histogram - Histogram window doesn't show region if georeference is local cartesian
25818Fixed14Jul2020Display / Stereo View - Stereo, Device Settings: stuck on Red-Cyan
25819Fixed14Jul2020Raster Viewshed Analysis - Setting both Down Angle and Up Angle to 0 results in wide vertical viewshed
25820Fixed14Jul2020Display / GeoToolbox - Flood Zone region doesn't work with 32-bit raster provided
25821Fixed14Jul2020TIN Merge - Can't see TIN output
25828Fixed14Jul2020pointstats - Cell Size is in geographic coordinates if load new input as described
25833Fixed14Jul2020SML Functions/Classes - Crash when run sample script for VectorToBufferZoneExt()
16627Fixed25Jun2020SML Editor Window - Line number wrong when script includes preprocessor symbol
25824Fixed25Jun2020SML Functions/Classes - Get syntax error when $include another .sml script
25816Fixed05Jun2020pointstats - Results look like by Accumulate: by Cell when set to by Radius
25806Fixed03Jun2020Raster Rig Camera Alignment & Exposure Balancing - ARW: Get 'File is invalid or format is not supported' message
25799Fixed21May2020pointstats - Get 'Attempt to write to read-only object' when 'Set Zero as Null' on
25803Fixed21May2020expgeom - SHAPEFILE: Can't export vector with Date/Time(UTC) field
25795Can't Reproduce21Apr2020Assemble Geomashup - Overlays tab: crash when add remote SVG (.tsd) with large number of features
25782Fixed09Apr2020rastgeomgr - Mesh option produces points
25783Fixed09Apr2020Raster Rig Camera Alignment & Exposure Balancing - Get 'Invalid Paremeters' message
25784Fixed09Apr2020Raster Rig Camera Alignment & Exposure Balancing - "Recompute base alignment" DISABLED runs as if still ENABLED
24629Fixed08Apr2020rastgeomgr - Points are position incorrectly relative to input when sampling is used.
25753Fixed03Apr2020Terrain Extract Points or Mesh - No way to differentiate extrema type
25754Fixed31Mar2020Raster Resample/Reproject - Output doesn't retain class names
25772Fixed31Mar2020Display / Raster Layer - Auto Color Map: colors shown don't match expected colors
25707Can't Reproduce30Mar2020Raster Classification - Select Area tool, RMB options cause 'Unable to perform combination' message
25745Fixed30Mar2020Raster Classification - Select Area tool: options to Select, Unselect, Toggle, don't always update set of selected classes.
25265Fixed27Mar2020Raster Classification - Get vertical line output when re-run classification
25771Fixed27Mar2020Raster Classification - Maximum Likelihood: get empty Results raster
25774Fixed27Mar2020SML Reference - Script Reference, Keywords > 'continue': example script doesn't demonstrate functionality
25764Fixed24Mar2020Display / Stereo View - Anaglyph: Red-Cyan and Red-Green are incorrectly showing as Red-Blue
25750Fixed20Mar2020Raster Classification - Auto Color Map: new palette not showing in Raster Layer Controls as expected
25741Fixed19Mar2020Raster Classification - Asked to 'Save training-set raster?' twice
25763Fixed19Mar2020Raster Resample/Reproject - Get 'Program error, operation aborted' with multiple input
25759Fixed18Mar2020Installer (Windows) - Provide hash strings for installer files
25715Fixed17Mar2020Raster Classification - Crash when normalize input
25756Fixed16Mar2020Assemble Geomashup - Overlay tab: KML, Custom Settings Single Click Action: None is not honored
25744Fixed13Mar2020Raster Classification - Select Area tool, RMB option menu in View: Mask and Unmask does not set up/modify mask
25747Fixed13Mar2020Raster Classification - Distance Histogram: clipped class is not updated in the View.
25751Fixed13Mar2020Raster Classification - Crash when re-load class raster as described
25739Fixed12Mar2020Raster Classification - Crash when open Statistics for class raster
25749Fixed12Mar2020Raster Classification - Cell size is not correctly set in output if ungeoreferenced input.
25752Fixed12Mar2020Raster Classification - Previously loaded training set is not cleared when Open new input
25697Fixed11Mar2020Raster Classification - Saved class table doesn't match current class list
25718Fixed06Mar2020Raster Classification - Distance Histogram: Get 'Length (0) for raster read/write out of range' message when clip tail
25719Fixed06Mar2020Raster Classification - Classification process crashes when select class after opening Distance Histogram
25720Fixed06Mar2020Raster Classification - Distance Histogram: get 'Attempting to write to read-only object' when Save
25737Can't Reproduce06Mar2020Raster Classification - Crash when run
25731Fixed05Mar2020SML Language/Syntax - Crash when run script with Polish interface
25736Fixed05Mar2020Edit - Shape - Crash when open shape file as editable layer
25667Fixed28Feb2020Raster Classification - Crash when run Suits Maximum Relative with new training set raster
25721Fixed28Feb2020Raster Classification - Crash if run supervised classification if add class with no training samples.
25673Fixed27Feb2020Raster Classification - Can't remove previous training set layer from view.
25726Fixed27Feb2020Assemble Geomashup - Google Maps: escape search query text before displaying in geomashup
25689Fixed25Feb2020Assemble Geomashup - Google Maps JavaScript, Overlay tab: KML layer elements change color after highlighting
25706Fixed25Feb2020Assemble Geomashup - Google Maps JavaScript, Overlay tab: SVG lines have problem highlighting
25705Fixed24Feb2020Assemble Geomashup - FireFox only: Pull-Out Menu Base Map control doesn't let user change base map
25709Fixed19Feb2020CRS / Definition Database - Lambert II étendu, NTF (Paris) Zone 2: point added via coordinates is not in expected position
25712Fixed19Feb2020Raster Classification - Ellipse ScatterPlot: can't unselect class via Ellipse Scatterplot graph
25683Can't Reproduce13Feb2020Geometric Filters - IDs incorrectly listed were actually processed and vice versa
25700Fixed13Feb2020Raster Topographic Properties - Pyramid control is missing and always creates sampled pyramid tiers.
25702Fixed12Feb2020Import Raster - TEXT-XYZ: Get 'Warning or errors' when import
25647Fixed05Feb2020Database Editor / Operations - Combine Tables: text values are cut off if Table 1 field is smaller than Table 2 field
25648Fixed05Feb2020Database Editor / Operations - Combine Tables: give warning when field types don't match
25646Fixed04Feb2020Database Editor / Operations - Combine Tables: text field is cut off if Table 1 size is smaller than Table 2 [Duplicate of 25647]
25684Fixed04Feb2020Import CAD - KML: crash on import
25690Fixed04Feb2020Display / Raster Layer - Filter: some filters with 100% blending result in black display
25691Fixed04Feb2020Installer (Mac) - Configuration for Japanese input (MacUIM) is not included in .pkg installers
24546Fixed23Jan2020Startup - Mac - Mac: TNTmips crashes on start up with XQuartz 2.7.11
25536Can't Reproduce21Jan2020Edit - Japanese interface, Dissolve Polygons filter: Get ' The specified field is not defined'
25308Fixed17Jan2020Raster Classification - Apply Filter: doesn't change classes in View window
25659Fixed17Jan2020Import Database - EXCEL: field is imported with incorrect name
25662Fixed17Jan2020Raster Classification - Get 'New object request not processed' when Save Class Table
25666Fixed17Jan2020Raster Classification - Training set layer name is not updated in View when save it
25671Fixed17Jan2020expgeom - Export to Shape: Integer 32 field gets incorrect value for some records

database dated: Tue Sep 29 08:01:54 2020